Steven James

226 600 3825

About Me

I am primarily a digital artist who works with print in mind. I see the computer as an artistic tool, it is an extension of my arm and my thoughts as I put virtual strokes to virtual paper. I use art to explore my identity as a gay man, my love of design, gaming and music and the world around me.


To hire my services for a commissioned piece, contact me at with an idea.

I will sketch out the idea and send a watermarked version to you for approval. If you just want the sketch, the cost will be $10-$25 depending on the complexity of the sketch.

Full Colour

For colour, give me a style and I will give you an estimate. Upon receiving 50% of the estimate, I start colouring based on your desired style. I charge $50 per full hour and $12.75 every fifteen minutes after. You will have 3 opportunities for me to touch up the picture free of charge.
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